The Chase - Original by Giorgio Moroder

Gear list:
* Bassline:
- Megadrive FMDrive VST plugin
  (our teensy GenMDM fried during the recording)
- Game Boy DMG-01 w/ pro-sound mod

* Leads, synths, chords:
- Commodore C64 breadbin w/ sid 6581

* Drums:
- Commodore C64 II with w/ sid 8580
- same DMG-01 as bassline


The Other Days - The Chase

Cover from "The Chase" by Giorgio Moroder, from 1978.
Our first multichip-tune, featuring Gameboy, C64, Megadrive!
This song is featured in Coucou Netlabel's 70's Chiptune Compilation [COUCOU027].

Listen to The Chase directly on Soundcloud.