Two guys from Paris.
Fond of vintage synths and computers,
video games music and 8/16-bit culture.

We compose and perform chiptune on the hardware we love:
Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, AdLib/Sound Blaster cards and even Arcade sound chips!

All from the real sound chips, plain and pure, just for your ears.

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A.C.E. Advanced Chiptune Engine :
Live Chiptune Mix @ Shadow Party 2022
Multiple mixed sound chips Live Chiptune @ Shadow Party 2022
ACE: realtime hardware chiptune DJing @MO5
Various sound chips
ACE: Twitch with MO5
ACE: Burning Rubber
Atari ST sound chip
ACE: Burning Rubber on YM2149
Live sets :
Live @Glazart for Paris Electronic Week
Game Boy
Live Glazart PEW
Quick 15min set @Einbaas 2014
Game Boy
Live Eindbaas 2014
Live @Retro Gaming Play2017
Game Boy and Atari STE
Live RGPlay 2017
Live @Infoticaires 2014
Game Boy
Live Infoticaires 2014
Live @Geek Faeries v5.0
Game Boy
Live Geek Faeries IRL v5.0
Live @Geek Faeries OTW
Game Boy
Live Geek Faeries OTW 2014
Releases :
Super Château Ultra: a Castlevania-style song for Heebie-GBs cartridge
Game Boy
Super Château Ultra on Game Boy physical cartridge
After Japan Expo 2018
Game Boy After Japan Expo 2018
Skweee for YM2017 Megadrive Compilation
Sega Megadrive/Genesis Skweee for YM2017 Megadrive Compilation
LoST My Grind (Ethmebb cover)
Atari STE
LoST my grind (Ethmebb cover)
Mirza - coucou 60's cover compilation
Game Boy
The Chase - coucou 70's cover compilation
Game Boy, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, Commodore 64
The Chase
Buino you love it
Gamebuino, an Arduino-based handheld
Buino you love it
EPs :
EP1: Day #1
Game Boy
Day Number One
EP2: Another Day
Game Boy
Another Day
EP3: The Singer
Game Boy
The Singer - Game Boy
EP4: Direct Memories Access
Game Boy
Direct Memories Access - Game Boy
Soundtracks :
MO5 Twitch tune
Street Fighter II and Sega PCM sound chips
MO5 Twitch tune using YM2151 and SegaPCM sound chips
Just Get 9 Game Soundtrack
Amstrad CPC
Desert bus 2015 trailer
Game Boy
Desert Bus 2015 trailer
Retrotaku Season 1 Sountrack
Game Boy
Retrotaku Season 2 Soundtrack
Game Boy
Emencia* soundtrack
Game Boy + modern DAW ;)
Willgoo jingle contest
Game Boy + modern DAW ;)
Interviews :
Interview for Retrotaku [french]
Interview for Retrotaku [french]
Interview for AFJV (Agence Française pour le Jeu Vidéo)
Interview for AFJV (french)
Tutorials :
LSDJ quick tutorials
LSDJ quick tutorials
How to make chiptune on Gameboy [french]
How to make chiptune on Gameboy [french]